Baby care tips for the new mothers

Getting motherhood is a unique experience and every mother can take pride of such moments after delivering a new born baby. It is important that you are aware of the tips for newborn baby care. In order to maintain their short-term health, as well as looking after the long-term health issues, keep in mind some factors which should help you after delivering your baby. You should be particularly careful of your newborn baby’s body temperature, breathing pattern, amount of food needed by him, and other important health factors. Newborn mothers can follow some of the baby information tips that are shared here to prevent their babies from infection.  Immediately after childbirth, it is very important that you keep the baby warm. It can be done by drying him with a cloth and ensure that he is covered from head to toe. The baby can be placed on the mother’s chest and even the abdomen as this would give the necessary warmth needed. Use of blanket to cover the child along with the mother is also a good way of keeping the child warm.


 Special baby care

The newborn should be able to breathe properly. This can be done by removing the mucous and amniotic fluid from his nose and mouth. This is usually done after childbirth but need to done later too. You need to ensure that the baby’s airways are clear.  Breastfeed only when the baby is found to be breathing comfortably. If any complications are faced by the baby after his or her airways are cleared, do not force him to breastfeed. Never force feed a baby who has respiratory complications as it can be unsafe.  Be particularly careful in cleaning the navel of the newborn as it is a very sensitive area. There can be a lot of health benefits of healthy treatment of the navel.  In the first few days of a newborn’s life, the stool that is passed is a dark green or black substance known as me conium. The regular bowel movements begin by the third day. If the baby passes me conium even on the third day, it is a sign that he is not getting adequate nutrition from breastfeed or formula feed. So, you may need to increase his or her intake.

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